What You Should Know About Solar Panel Installation Service

Solar panel installation service is a process that allows you to harness the power of the sun and generate clean energy at home. It can be challenging to do it on your own, so most people choose a specialized solar company to take care of the installation.

Before any work can begin, you need to get a permit for the system. The process can be time-consuming and expensive. You’ll also need to be sure your house meets the necessary electrical code and roof setback requirements before any work can start.

After you get the permits and have everything in place, your installer will begin installing the panels on your roof. This can take a few days or even weeks depending on the size of your system and whether you need to install a power meter for net metering.

The solar panels are then connected to the inverter, which converts DC to AC electricity. Your solar installer may also need to connect a generation meter so you can monitor the amount of electricity your system produces. This final step is required by your city’s utility company before you can officially start using solar energy to power your home.

Once your panels are installed, you can expect to see some initial production within a few days. This will vary based on your local weather conditions, the number of hours of sunlight that your area receives each day and the wattage of your panels.

You should be able to save money on your electric bills after you switch to solar power, and it’s an environmentally friendly option that will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases your house contributes to the environment. In addition, many cities and states offer incentives to encourage residents to go solar.

When you’re comparing solar companies, look for a reputation for good customer service and a focus on educating customers about their system. The best solar installers also provide a 25-year performance guarantee and a manufacturer’s warranty for the individual components of their solar system.

For example, Palmetto Solar understands that an investment in solar is a big one and takes the time to educate its customers about their options. It offers a Peace of Mind Protection Plan with real-time monitoring and responsive customer support.

The most important part of any home solar installation is to use quality equipment. The best solar installers will offer tier one, low-profile monocrystalline solar panels as well as a top-of-the-line battery. They’ll also include a solar panel calculator to determine how much your system will cost and how much it can save you.

Most solar installations don’t require a lot of maintenance, as long as you keep the core components clean. However, you should have your system checked and cleaned at least every 4-6 years by a solar installer.

You should also look for an installation company that provides a warranty, such as a manufacturer’s or workmanship warranty. These warranties will protect you against issues with the individual components of your system and the quality of the installation.

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